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  • Idaho state capitol building in Boise
    Idaho state capitol building in Boise

Monthly Twitter Chat

Questions for Travel Connections Twitter Chat

  1. How do you meet people when you travel? What advice do you have for meeting others?
  2. What is necessary to make and maintain travel connections?
  3. How do you keep in touch with people you’ve met traveling?
  4. Do you connect with people to travel/meet up with before trips? If so, how? What websites/apps do you use?
  5. Who has been your most interesting/memorable travel connection and why? Share a photo if you have one.
  6. How and how often do you stay in touch with family and friends when traveling?
  7. How do you connect with others interested in travel (, Travel Massive, Facebook groups, etc.)?
  8. Who would you like to travel with? Tag them.
  9. Who would you like to meet while traveling?
  10. Is it easier now or years ago to make travel connections? Why?
  11. Why are travel connections important to you?

Travel Reflections »

Travel Reflections »