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How We Travel Chat Questions

1. Who do you travel with most often? (Solo, couple, family, multi-gen, friends, large organized groups, etc.) Share a photo.
2. What type of travel do you prefer? (Luxury, budget, mid-range, camping, hotels, apartment stays, etc.)
3. What do you like to do on your travels?
4. Do you take tours? If so, what is your preferred method? (Private, app-based, small group, etc.)
5. What is your preferred touring style? (Long excursions (1–2 weeks), day, walking, Segway, bike, tour bus, etc.)
6. What is the duration of most of your travel?
7. If you travel for business do you tack on extra days for personal travel? If so, how do you like to spend those extra days?
8. How do you choose your destinations?
9. Do you choose destinations based on budget, or do you choose a place and make it fit the budget?
10. Is most of your travel planned or impromptu (less than a week or so in advance)?
11. How do you usually plan your travel—on your own or with a travel agent? Why?
12. Which brands/loyalty programs do you use? Tag them.

Photos of the Month: Transylvania, Romania

  • view of sighisoara, romania
    View of Sighisoara from the Clock Tower

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Travel Reflections »