Photos of the Week: Las Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain

  • storefront decorated for Las Fallas
    Storefront decorated for Las Fallas

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Q1: How frequently do you travel? (You decide what counts as travel for you.)
Q2: What drove you to begin traveling? Is this still a leading reason you travel today? If not, why do you travel now?
Q3: What makes travel a priority in your life?
Q4: What is your top priority when planning travel? (Destination, accommodations, cost, cultural experiences, etc.)
Q5: What are your greatest obstacles to travel?
Q6: How do you get around those barriers?
Q7: Budget is often an obstacle. How do you make travel fit the budget?
Q8: Is there a trip that seemed unlikely but you managed to overcome a barrier to make it work? Share a photo.
Q9: If you can’t make a large trip work, will you adjust by doing shorter, more regional trips? Share a photo of local travel.
Q10: If there were no limits to the amount or where you could travel, would you still need a “home base?” Why or why not?
Q11: In a perfect world, what would be your dream trip? Add a photo if you have one.

Travel Reflections »

Travel Reflections »