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  • December 2017 GenX Travel Twitter Chat

Questions for December Twitter Chat


  1. Where did you travel in 2017? Share a pic.
  2. Is there anywhere you planned to travel this year but didn’t get there?
  3. What was your favorite place travelled this year? Share a pic.
  4. Did you travel anywhere you didn’t like or wouldn’t return?
  5. Who were your travel companions in 2017? Share a pic or give a shout out.
  6. Did you stay in any unique accommodations this year? Share pic or link.
  7. Where do you plan to travel in 2018? Share a pic or link if you have one.
  8. What place are you most looking forward to traveling in the upcoming year?
  9. With whom will you travel in 2018?
  10. Will you travel over the holidays? If so, where? #GenXTravel
  11. Where will you ring in the New Year?

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