Photos of the Month: Transylvania, Romania

  • view of sighisoara, romania
    View of Sighisoara from the Clock Tower

Monthly Twitter Chat

Identity & Travel Twitter Chat Questions

Q1: What does travel mean to you?
Q2: Why do you travel?
Q3: How have you grown through your travels?
Q4: How do you identify as a GenXer? What does that mean to you?
Q5: How do you see yourself as different from other generations (Baby Boomers, Millennials)?
Q6: As a GenXer, how do you think travel is different for you than for Boomers or Millennials?
Q7: What is your travel style? How has that changed throughout your life?
Q8: What is important to you when you travel?
Q9: What country(ies)/city(ies) do you identify with the most and why?
Q10: What nationality do you identify with the most/what nationality would you be if not your own, and why?
Q11: Share a photo of you from your past travels and from a recent trip.

Travel Reflections »

Travel Reflections »