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Voyager Vicki is a travel and communications consultancy that promotes understanding and respect for people and cultures through travel via trip planning, online events, and digital marketing services.

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Hello, I’m Vicki Mattingly. I started traveling in 1990 and have spent a total of about 4 years overseas from a combination of four long-term travel trips, various 1–2 week vacations, and now living overseas. I’ve traveled to 86 countries on 6 continents (I haven’t been to Antarctica yet) and I’ve lived in Scotland, Germany, Spain, France, and Romania. And I still have many more places to go and experiences to have. I’m currently a digital nomad and am traveling as I work. This enables me to both explore new places and get a deeper understanding of cultures while I’m living there.

Learning about other cultures has been a life-long passion of mine. I love going to festivals, events, and museums (and have probably been to more museums that most anyone in the world). When I was a teenager, I voraciously read travel books on all areas of the world. At college, I studied languages and cultures. And now, I’m currently traveling as I work to continue learning and growing.

With over 20 years experience in the publishing field (editing, project management, web production, content management, and blogging) as well as experience as a life coach and world traveler, I draw on all of this knowledge to portray a travel brand in its best light through effective marketing strategy and consistent management practice. I’d love to help your travel company achieve its greatest potential—contact me to discuss your needs and goals.

Why Voyager Vicki?

From the 1970’s Voyager spacecraft (exploring my favorite planets) and 1970’s Voyager Tarot (my favorite tarot deck) to the 1980’s TV series Voyagers! (my favorite show in the early 80s) and 1990’s TV series Star Trek Voyager (my favorite Star Trek series—really), the Voyager theme has always been in my life. And I’ve always had a life-long interest in both the inner and outer voyage. So, a Voyager for me isn’t only about travel, but about all of my loves—space exploration, new age thought, personal development, and science fiction, as well as travel and learning about other cultures—and the exploration of new ideas and new worlds and the quest for a better life as a result. #GoKnowGrow

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What’s Unique About Me?

  • I’m a hispanophile—I especially love Spain, Mexico, and South American countries, and the Spanish language and culture.
  • I love dance of all types—I was a tribal bellydancer for 4 years and have briefly studied other forms of dance (folkloric, salsa, tango, etc.).
  • I love food—I’ve been a vegetarian for ethical/animal rights reasons for 35 years now (I started quite young).
  • I’m into drink too—especially wine and creative cocktails.
  • I go to a lot of museums and cultural events.
  • Multicultural cities (and what I call “crossroads cities”) are generally my favorite over smaller towns. I like seeing how various cultures interact and merge.
  • Subcultures within a country intrigue me too.
  • And, I’m very interested in traditional dress and textiles, and have bought quite a bit of rugs and wall hangings on my travels.

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My Travel Style

My travel style is as a solo female traveler focusing on the cultural aspects of a destination. I’m not a luxury traveler or a shoestring budget traveler, but somewhere in the middle. Almost all of my travel has been independent, along with five group tours and five individual tours. I love learning about the history of a place and how it came to be as it is now. So, lots of museums. I also enjoy seeing how a culture celebrates and what it values. So, festivals and special events when I can too.

Let’s Go!

I believe an appreciation for and understanding of culture can benefit everyone and is necessary for creating a better, more peaceful and respectful world. My goal is to pique your interest in new places and cultural topics, provide information to better understand the cultures, and design a personalized trip for you to experience them yourself. I hope that Voyager Vicki informs and inspires you on your own voyage.

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    Wow, what a terrific tapestry of travel!! Not only of travel, but what a wonderful resource for “voyagers” of all ages who want to learn about the many subtle facets of culture and society from someone with a rich treasure trove of experience! I look forward to many years of enjoyable exploration of this wonderful resource in travel inspiration and information.


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