Digital Marketing Services

Is your travel company struggling with its digital marketing services? I’m a digital marketing consultant who works with travel brands—especially small, culturally focused tour companies—in all their digital management and marketing needs. From maintaining a digital presence on social media, updating content, and performing SEO research to translating your website from Spanish to English or a full website audit focusing on user experience and editing, I am here to help you achieve increased traffic, followers, and likes and project a more professional branding look and feel. See below for various services and contact me with any questions and/or interest.

I would love to help you promote your travel company, organization, or destination while promoting cultural understanding through world travel.


Social Media Management

Interested in connecting with your clients/customers but don’t have the time to manage all your social media? I have affordable plans individualized to your particular needs and goals to help you excel in the social realm.

Why Hire a Social Media Manager?

  • Increase brand awareness and following
  • Boost search engine rankings (be found easier in search)
  • Maintain a regular presence on social media networks to respond to customer queries/issues

Management Packages


Maintain a presence on all the important networks for your customers through the following:

  • Regular posting
  • Increasing followers/likes
  • Account monitoring/answering queries
  • Community engagement/interaction
  • Content curation
  • Monthly analytics reporting and strategy

Great for: Businesses that have plenty original content but need help with a continuous online presence


Basic + the following:

  • Content creation (occasional graphic promotional images, if necessary)
  • More frequent postings
  • Occasional ads
  • Twitter chats, if applicable

Great for: Businesses that have little original content and need help with a continuous online presence, need help with brand awareness, and/or want to devote resources for advertising on social media


Setup new accounts on networks with content and grow followers/likes to basic level

Great for: Businesses that need help with the initial setup of accounts—SEO research, proper size/style of content, etc.

Social Networks Audit

Find out where you could improve your social media presence. All your social media networks are examined for brand consistency; wording, grammar, spelling, tone, and keywords for bios and about pages; quality and quantity of content. A detailed list is given of what’s working and what could/should be improved.

Great for: Businesses that that do their own social media but would like a one-time review of all their social media channels for recommendations on improvements

Website Content Management/Consulting

Does your website need improvement to attract the clients you require? Choose among these services:

  • A regular management plan to keep your content updated
  • A one-time website audit to get your site up-to-speed with editing/grammar, tone, SEO, user experience, and copywriting/rewriting, if necessary
  • Language translation/localization (Spanish to English)

Your website is your first impression to customers. Make sure it’s a great one!


Other Ways to Work With Voyager Vicki

Besides digital marketing services, here are some other travel/media projects I work on:

  • Affiliate partnerships: Link sharing, co-sponsored contests/promotions/Twitter parties
  • FAM trips: Sponsor a destination/museum visit, cultural event/festival, or an entire trip for social media posts and/or a travel planning partnership
  • Collaborations on travel videos, guidebooks, or other travel media
  • Interviews: Podcasts, Skype, Google Hangouts, articles with written Q&As
  • Travel shows/exhibitions: Panelist speaker
  • Events: Co-host Twitter chats or Twitter parties
  • Guest blogging and sponsored posts
  • Tour/trip planning

Feel free to contact me with any other ideas/suggestions you have.


Contact me for more information about working together.