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  1. Local Nomads
    Local Nomads at |

    Thanks for this insightful post! I had no idea the Petronas Towers were only built as recently as 1995! I’d love to go back in time and see the world the way it was back then.

  2. MariaAbroad
    MariaAbroad at |

    I grew up in Germany and was just a little girl when the wall came down. I remember the celebration and joy and that my parents and I went to the border and brought bananas to the border to welcome them. I remember strangers hugging me and the pure happiness in their faces. Thank you for taking me through this journey in time and bringing back those memories 🙂

  3. albert alani
    albert alani at |

    just loved it..long way to go..:)

  4. Patricia - Ze Wandering Frogs
    Patricia - Ze Wandering Frogs at |

    Very thoughtful. When we started traveling, the Berlin Wall was still up, the USSR has started to crumble and new countries were popping up in the region, we were still using French Francs and Deutsch Marks….

  5. Stacey
    Stacey at |

    You’re right. The only thing constant is change. Although for the traveler, this sets up nicely and presents an opportunity to always have somewhere and/or something new to explore.

  6. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    Thanks for putting all of this together. I knew a bunch, but it’s so fascinating to see it all compiled. I remember not that long ago (5 years???) the New York Times highlighted Damascus as a place that was increasingly western. What was your visit to Syria like?

  7. Becky
    Becky at |

    What a look back! Until 2005, all my travel was in the USA so I’m hardly one to provide observations, but I do remember passing through Bogota in 2005 and being a little fearful and now it seems like (most) travelers visit Colombia without incident, like you mentioned. Latin America is a place that I love and I hope to continue to see it grow over future visits.

  8. Elaine J. Masters
    Elaine J. Masters at |

    So valuable to step back and get some perspective. I’ve been traveling independently since the 1970’s and so want to return to many places to see how they’ve faired in the intervening decades. For certain I’ve changed more flashpacker than backpacker now but to connect again to those early experiences would be a delicious, fascinating experience.

  9. Karilyn
    Karilyn at |

    Love this wrap up!! i first traveled in 2000 and so much has changed since just then. I can’t even imagine how the world looked in the 90s! I love how you mention the current no go places. thats such an interesting thing to think about as a traveler. I kick myself constantly that I didn’t make it to Syria and Lebanon on my RTW trip. It brings home even more…do as much as you can now, because you just don’t know what the world with look like in a decade!

  10. Bell | Wanderlust Marriage
    Bell | Wanderlust Marriage at |

    Very interesting post, it is amazing to think on how much things change. My first step abroad was in 2002 and it was just as the Euro was being introduced, so you could hand over Italian Iira and your change was in Euros! I arrived in Sarajevo, Bosnia when there was one hotel open and people knew how many “tourists” were in town.

    But over 25 years you certainly get to see more changes! I don’t know where we’ll be in 5 or 10 years. To be honest when I watch the US political debates I fear for a world war and changes I can’t even imagine. But I hope for more tolerance and peace so that the changes we see in the places we visit are positive ones!

  11. Brianna
    Brianna at |

    I feel that with global warming there will be a push to visit polar regions while they are still intact.

  12. Joe
    Joe at |

    Great post, and sorry I’m so late to the party…

    Well I began travelling as an adult in the 2000s…I do vaguely remember Romania, which I visited shortly before Caecescu was ousted from power. It would be interesting to see what it’s like now. I also visited New York in July 2001. Somewhere I have a photo of me stood on Ellis Island with the twin towers in the background behind me. It looks very surreal and disturbing now, that photo…

    I don’t know how the world will be in the future as geopolitical lines are constantly redrawn. But I would say in the present climate that, whilst you should never deliberately put yourself in harm’s way, you should never allow the actions of terrorists scare you in to staying at home. There’s no guaranteed safety anywhere. So go out and experience the world – we only have one shot at it after all!

  13. Jesper, The Biveros Effect
    Jesper, The Biveros Effect at |

    Thank you for sharing, this was really interesting to read 🙂

  14. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    It is amazing how many things have changed, but also how much remains the same! Love how you listed the change in what countries used to be safe now are not and vise versa. I used to vacation to Mexico as a child all the time. It is sad how things have changed along the border. I still go, it is just stressful.

  15. Manuel Nicolas
    Manuel Nicolas at |

    In 25 years the world has changed a lot.From buildings to Skyscrapers and from cars to sports cars.I have traveled 40 years and believe me the time and the countries have changed from head to toe.


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